St. Mary's Art Center

Originally a hospital for the Comstock miners, left empty and abandoned for many years after the Gold Rush declined, St Mary’s Hospital has become a vibrant art center dedicated to showcasing the work of exceptional national and international contemporary artists. The facility houses several gallery spaces, a printmaking lab, and a photographic darkroom open to the public during designated workshop hours.

St Mary’s Art Center is currently establishing a National and International Artist Residency Program, to encourage and develop the practice of our chosen Artists. St Mary’s Art Center itself and the historic town of Virginia City offers endless material to inspire and draw inspiration from. We provide a private Resident bedroom, a gallery to show in, and a studio to work in during our 1-2 month Resident Artist Periods. We also have at the disposal of the Resident Artist, a print workshop and a photographic darkroom. The exchange is one of great importance also to the creative growth of our local Artists with the wealth of outside experience, workshops and material they would not normally see.

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