Great Basin Visitor Center & Artist in Residence Program

The changing gallery at the Great Basin Visitor Center showcases artwork completed as part of the Darwin Lambert Artist/Writer in Residence Program. Through this program, artists live in Great Basin National Park for several weeks producing work and conducting workshops or outreach activities with the local community. For over a century artists have played an important role in the enjoyment of national parks by engaging people with these unique landscapes through the artist’s visual record. Several artist residencies occur in national parks across the country as these artists are an essential part of the preservation and protection of these public lands.

Applications for the Darwin Lambert Artist/Writer in Residence Program are accepted from visual, literary, and performing artists each winter with residencies granted to one or two individuals per year.

Type of Organization
National Park with Artist Residency
Booking Interests
Applications are accepted via snail mail with specific guidelines available on the Great Basin National Park’s website.
Visitor Center open Summer Only