Virginia City

Presented By: St. Mary's Art Center

Imaginations Children's Class - Painting Techniques and Expression

November 11th, 9:30am - 12:00pm
Suggested Ages: 13-18 years old
*other ages may be considered

Explore the wonderful world of expression painting through
traditional and non-traditional painting techniques.

Students will have the opportunity to work with watercolor, acrylic and India ink techniques while using traditional materials as well as non-traditional materials to create their own expressive style of painting.

We will explore the art of painting to music allowing for your subconscious side to express itself on paper and canvas. Students are invited to bring in headphones and listen to their own music while painting.

Students will create their own “paintbrushes” for a portion of this session to paint with. So please feel free to bring in materials that you feel would make for an interesting and unique style of painting. Items such as sting, wire, tree branches, hard plant stems, or horsehair are great for bristles of the brush!

Advance Registration Is Required

$20/per child