Virginia City

Presented By: St. Mary's Art Center

Imaginations Children's Class - The Art of Dying Fabric: Batik & Tie Dye

December 9th, 9:30am - 12:00pm
Suggested Ages: 7-18 years old
*other ages may be considered

A new way to print and paint…on fabric!

Dying fabric is an ancient artistic practice that is very popular today. In this class, you will be instructed in two traditional methods: the first is how to safely and carefully make a tie dyed piece of fabric (or a shirt, etc.) and the second is how to use a djanting tool and brush using a wax resist to create a batik! Both methods are easy for beginners and can be practiced at home. Beautiful dyed fabric examples from around the world will be shared with the class and everyone will enjoy a few hours of fun with gorgeous colorful fabrics.

Advance Registration Is Required

$20/per child