Basin and Range

Rebecca Pugh, Untitled, 2015

Curated by Checko Salgado and Jerry Schefcik, Basin and Range is part of the Nevada Touring Initiative—Traveling Exhibition Program. Basin and Range features eighteen Southern Nevada artists who were invited to create as a response to and in honor of a tract of Nevada land covering 700,000 acres, now identified as the Basin and Range National Monument. This area not only includes amazing wildlife and incredible desert landscapes and formations, but also ancient and contemporary artwork: hundreds of petroglyphs carved an estimated 4,000 years ago, and Michael Heizer’s mile-long City. As most Nevadans know, there is a great deal more to our state than casinos and Area 51. The Basin and Range exhibition is evidence of that.

This exhibit is on display in the Tahoe Gallery, 3rd floor Prim Library, January 29–March 23, 2018. Gallery hours are Monday–Friday 9am–5pm.