Laid Me Out

Photo by Blair Saxon-Hill, text from Mary Ruefle's My Private Property, 2016. Also pictured is a mineral pigment/watercolor painting with notes recorded by Melvin Edward Nelson on June 22, 1962.

Blair Saxon-Hill lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Her assemblage and collage works form what Saxon-Hill calls “impossible documents” - works that further a sensorium of documentation, perception and memory outside that of information and data. In 2016, Blair Saxon-Hill was awarded fellowships from both the Oregon Arts Commission and the Hallie Ford Foundation. More recently she exhibited at the 500 Meter Museum in Sapporo, Japan, Venus Over Los Angeles, and Artist Curated Projects. Additionally, her 2017 solo exhibition at JOAN in Los Angeles received both an Artforum Critic's Pick and the LA Weekly's Critic's Pick. In July and August of this year, Saxon-Hill was as an artist-in-residence at Sierra Nevada College during the low-res summer MFA programming cycle.

Speaking with a strong and distinct material vernacular, Saxon-Hill paints, sculpts, carves, and gathers the detritus of the world around us, projecting a register of reality all the more visceral when read in relation to our so-called “post-truth” moment. The poet Ben Lerner writes that we are a nation “calling out, not for help or air or light, but for information”: that we are less interested in effect or affect - in reality - than we are in its diagnosis. The phrase "Keep Tahoe Blue" along with color as an aesthetic and political ideology and diagnostic serve as the generative points of departure for this exhibition's sculptural works in installation.

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