Presented By: Sierra Nevada Ballet

Brew, Brats & Ballet

Each year, Sierra Nevada Ballet welcomes spring with Brew, Brats and Ballet at the Reno Little Theater and the Brewery Arts Center in Carson City. This annual event features short brand new choreographic works by several talented choreographers. The company dancers enjoy it because they get to take part in the creation of several brand-new works and the audience enjoys it because they get to sip a brew, eat a brat, see a variety of short new pieces of choreography and hear about the creative choreographic process.

This year the event will feature new choreography as well as three new musical compositions. This adds a new dimension to the creative experience for choreographers, dancers and the audience. Each composer will join the collaborating choreographer on stage to share the creative process prior to the new choreographic presentation and will also take part in the Q&A session at the end of the program.

Bay Area composer Milton Williams has performed internationally as a conductor, composer and vocalist. He has served as music director, composer and conductor for orchestral, choral and operatic ensembles. Williams was the associate conductor for a production of Leonard Bernstein’s theater piece “Mass,” at Vatican City in Italy for Pope John Paul II’s Jubilee 2000 celebrations. For nine years, he served as rehearsal conductor, chorus master, vocal soloist and narrator for the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music. Williams has created a number of musical compositions from opera to jazz and contemporary music, including the musical score for the film “The Hitchhiker.”