Presented By: Reno Little Theater

Collateral & Co. Gunpowder & Femme

In Collateral&Co.'s first show, broken into two parts, the company explores both the collateral effects of gun violence and what it means to be both feminine and strong in one's resolve.
In Act I, the show will shed light on the harrowing effects of gun violence in our nation. According to Gary Younge, author of "Another Day in the Death of America," seven children are killed due to gun violence on any given day in the US. This shocking number is at the crux of our mission to bring awareness to the careless homicides of our nation's youth. Our mission is not to sway you one way or another, but to bring to light the fact that we could all benefit from opening our hearts to one another and turning away from violence.

In Act II, the company will explore femininity, strength, and the way a woman relates to herself. In Laura Kipnis' novel "The Female Thing," she explains that women are "left straddling two rather incompatible positions. Feminism and femininity are in a big catfight, nowhere more than within each individual female psyche." So how do we reconcile our femininity with feminism? Or do we? Can we be both feminine and stand on our own two feet or need we rely on someone else to hold us up like society so often suggests? Can we be strong or do we cower to society's version of "femininity"?