Technology and Touch

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Las Vegas, NV March 14, 2018

Priscilla Fowler Fine Art presents

Technology and Touch
Printmaking from San Francisco, California and Reykjavik, Iceland
April 5 - 28, 2018
In conjunction with the
Southern Graphics Conference International Las Vegas 2018: Altered Landscapes (

OPENING RECEPTION, with artists present: April 5, 5-9pm (Preview Thursday)
Open First Friday April 6, 5 - 11pm
Gallery hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12- 6pm
Open until 9pm April 7, 12,13,14 (concurrent with Cockroach Theater Production in ArtSquare)
Priscilla Fowler Fine Art
1025 S. First St. #155
(ArtSquare/Arts District)
Las Vegas, NY 89101

Participating Artists:
~ Iceland ~ ~ San Francisco ~
Laura Valentino Jimin Lee
Elvar Orn Kjartansson Monica Farrar Miller
Greta Mjoli Bjarnadottir Michelle Morillo
Soffia Saemundsdottir Robynn Smith
Valgerdur Hauksdottir Carrie Ann Plank
From the organizers:
The authenticity of art resides in human expression, in our ability to use tools to further our ideas. The hand refers to the individual. It is our personal mark, our connection with our humanity, our relationship with nature. Technology is innovation; bright, shiny and complex.
Since the advent of the printing press, printmaking has reflected the relationship between technology and the hand. A mark is made, and employing technology, that mark is transformed and transferred to another surface. That relationship is always there, from the Gutenberg Bible to today's laser cutters and photopolymer plates. The best printmakers seek the right balance of handwork and technology.
Both Reykjavik and the San Francisco Bay Area function as technological giants, yet in both places it is possible to feel the power of the wild. A five-minute drive from Reykjavik yields a primordial landscape of hot springs and lava. From the Golden Gate Bridge the power of the Pacific Ocean is unfurled in an unbroken vista all the way to Japan.
The questions we as printmakers are asking are:
Does the proximity to such dramatic landscape affect an artist's use of technology? their connection to the natural world?
Does technology offer artists new tools to express their connection to the natural world?
Every printmaker must strike a balance between technology and touch. This exhibition explores that balance.

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