I know more than you think I do

Alexander Sky Carranza, Eddie (Cecifu) Canumay and Alexander P. Huerta formed the local collective dubbed “3 Baaad Sheep” in August 2010, and have been making art together ever since. They share a desire for a melding of minds... an urge to collaborate... and a passion for sharing something different, creative, and beautiful with the world.

3 Baaad Sheep will show their latest works in February and March at Priscilla Fowler Fine Art Gallery and Studio. Included in the show is a reprise of their Life is Beautiful “art motel” work where viewers can cut out a piece of a large 15 x 4' work to take home. A framer will be on hand for those who want their work stretched after they buy it.

Quite a few other works, ranging in size, will also be available. As always, the work is characterized by quirky and sometimes provocative imagery and bright color.

Come visit the gallery on the second Saturday of both February and March to watch as 3 Baaad Sheep do live painting for you!