Black and White Show

This exhibit features Donald Corpier Starr's deeply humanist drawings; Hayden Senter's mysterious narrative drawings and prints; Alexander Lui's fantasy landscape drawings; Clarice Tara's strong drawings from life and delicate staged photos of nudes in the landscape; and Terrien Hale's light, whimsical drawings that will cheer you.

"Black and White" consists of drawings, prints, and photographs, all--you guessed it! in black and white. This will be a group show featuring local and regional artists Donald Starr, Hayden Senter, Terrien Hale, Alexander Lui, Clarice Tara, and a few extra surprises.

We all love color but sometimes we can more easily “see” an image when there is only black and white and gray, and where line often dominates. Over the past year or two I've met a number of artists whose work in black and white is both compelling and remarkably skilled. Drawing and its sister medium, printmaking (lithography, etching, et al.), are under-appreciated and under-exhibited. Yet these art forms go back hundreds of years, to artists like Albrecht Durer, whose drawings from the late 1400s are still exhibited and collected today.

Drawings and prints, from botanical and medical illustration through mid-20th-century advertising, were useful predecessors to photography for documentation of important educational, journalistic, scientific, and commercial material. But drawing, prints, and photography are also important fine art media. Louise Bourgeois, Kiki Smith, and Sol LeWitt are examples of contemporary artists who have made drawings an important part of their fine art practice.

Visit the gallery to see these enchanting pieces, and a few extra surprises before the exhibit ends in October!