Frances Humphrey Lecture Series: The Gold Hill NEWS by David Toll

David Toll photographed by Frances Melhop

With a large number of talented and energetic people, David Toll helped bring The Gold Hill NEWS back to life after a 92-year slumber. The NEWS became the official Storey County newspaper from June 1974 until October 1978. Staff took great pride in the slogans, "None Just As Good!" and "Mark Twain Never Worked for This Newspaper!" In its brief lifespan it was the prize-winningest and most widely-read weekly in Nevada, but sadly didn't win any prizes at the bank and, on Nevada Day 1978, the NEWS coughed up a farewell edition. From its own obituary: ". . . for the NEWS this is finally goodbye, finished, ended. So hooray for our friends, to hell with our enemies, and we'll see you in 92 years."

Since then David wrote and published The Complete Nevada Traveler, the first guidebook to Nevada since the WPA Guide of 1939. It’s now the best-selling book ever published in Nevada. In the course of his Nevada publishing career he also wrote, midwifed and published the autobiography of one of the most flamboyant and conspicuous figures in 20th century Nevada, Joe Conforte, operator of the Mustang Ranch.
McAvoy Layne describes David Toll as a Nevada treasure, while David describes himself as a small time writer and publisher. The two have been friends since David’s enthusiastic portrait of the Ghost of Mark Twain in Nevada Magazine

David’s family was in Gold Hill in 1867. He and his wife Robin operate, an online resource for visitors and travelers in the state. The monthly NevadaGram goes out to thousands of subscribers around the world, a small echo of the bright flash in the journalistic pan that was The Gold Hill NEWS.

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