Presented By: The Holland Project

Safe Space

Next up in the Serva Pool space we have a special group exhibit curated our buds and local artists, Denali Lowder and Alex Vitale, titled Safe Space.

A safe space is a protected environment that provides relief from oppression and oppressors. It is a place where a person can be free to express their identity without fear. These spaces exist on both a large and small scale, and can be a place of solace for one or many. These spaces are becoming more important, and more relevant, as the political climate becomes more hostile. We set out to explore this idea further, what it means to individuals affected most, and how they choose to express it. Safe spaces are often misinterpreted by privileged people unaffected by oppression themselves, and with this show the curators hope to highlight the many types of safe spaces, and the different experiences people have with them.

Exhibiting artists include: Adam Benedict, Alex Campbell, Ally Messer, Ana McKay, David Tilley, Jaime Lynn Shafer, Lauren Cardenas, Lisa Kurt, Panda Landa, Payton Williams and Sophia Pierce.

Safe Space will be on exhibit in the Serva Pool space at Holland Project from Sept. 12 – 22 with an opening reception on Thursday, Sept. 14 from 6-8pm.