Controversial April Show 2017 - The Corner Gallery

David Beck-Brown presents "THE UNKNOWN ARTIST: HISTORY ERASED" (see Event description)

"THE CORNER GALLERY" A Provocative Fine Arts Gallery in the heart of the Arts District, Las Vegas
We take pride in offering classy, controversial, challenging, quality, ART presentations in our Gallery.

We have a significant show to announce for the month of April, entitled "The Unknown Artist: History Erased"
presented by David Beck-Brown an outstanding California Fine-Artist.

From Preview Thursday (April 6) through the end of April, his exhibit will be on display at
"The Corner Gallery" (in The Arts Factory), 107 E. Charleston #220, Las Vegas.

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In the Heart of the Arts District
107 E. Charleston #220
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Gallery Period Installation, 1900 - 1920
by David Beck-Brown

Beck-Brown had a career in bringing the arts to prison inmates. Some were psychopaths,
others sociopaths, and several were killers.
How could he teach the finer elements of composition to a man who skinned a woman alive?
Or, encourage the finely detailed drawings by Andrew Gramby Hanley as he talked about
murder, and talked about the over 50 bodies buried in the desert just outside of Las Vegas?
Beck-Brown learned to separate an inmate's horrendous crimes from his artwork.
This background brought him to study Hitler and his artwork.

In this Installation Beck-Brown has symbolically redrawn and erased each work of art by Hitler,
just as we have dismissed the technique talents of Adolf Hitler, the ARTIST.

... Come down to 'The Corner Gallery' in April and discover "The Unknown Artist: History Erased"

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