The Wolves

The Wolves, by Sarah DeLappe, Directed by Kate St-Pierre, is a phenomenon in New York with an extended run at The Lincoln Center. Las Vegas is one of the first cities outside New York to be granted access to this 2017 Pulitzer nominated plays and it can only be seen at Cockroach Theatre for three weeks in February.
The Wolves is a new play with timeless questions that will have every audience member connecting to the biggest issues and the smallest moments in their lives. The Wolves is a radiant portrait of an all-female soccer team battling their inner demons and the collective decisions that define us. This is a powerful portrait of life, chock full of action and energy you won’t find on any other stage in Las Vegas.
The Wolves has an all-female cast, a female writer, a female director, and all-female technical team and have unleashed edge-of-your-seat storytelling that everyone will relate to. This is an important production fueled by the power of the largest women’s march, the #metoo campaign, and the push to harness the political strength of diverse women. A celebration of women; a celebration of the power of community; a celebration of the primal warriors inside us all.
February 1-18, Thursday-Saturday 8pm, Sunday 2pm