Every Image Has a Story: Dotty Molt

West Gallery in McKinley Arts & Culture Center hosts fine art photographer Dotty Molt. Molt’s colorful and eloquent photographs demonstrate stories, open doors, and a journey of enlightenment. The works being shown illustrate a dynamic and creative perception of land art photography, and its contemporary use.

Dotty Molt is a Florida native, transplanted to the Sierra Nevada region over ten years ago. Her work is largely focused on an exploratory journey she underwent starting early last year, traveling across the country in her car and solely focusing on her art. The set of photographs being shown are representative of immersing one’s self in the world, surrounding yourself with wilderness, and being tested to find one’s true self.

Her work has been published in Tahoe Quarterly, Reno Magazine, Nevada Magazine, Hawaii Magazine, and more publications. She received the Speaker’s Choice Award for an Image taken in 2015, and teaches numerous workshops at the Galena Park Visitor’s Center. She is recognized as a featured alumni with Aperture Academy.

For more information please visit her website at: www.DottyMoltPhotography.com