Children's Summer Performance Series: Beau & Aero by A Little Bit Off!

Equal parts hilarious and endearing, pilot Beau and his sidekick Aero are two bumbling, incompetent aviators. These acrobatic, aeronauts live in a world where balloons are bountiful, laughs are abundant, and not a word is spoken. Beau and Aero spend their time exploring flight, folly, and the world around them. Neither Balloons nor parachutes will get this unlikely duo off the ground, but their antics are sure to make your spirits soar.

Beau & Aero combines slapstick comedy with elements of clown, acrobatics, dance, mime, and puppetry into an enchanting and unique style of physical theater. The show feels both classic and fresh, as it pulls on traditions of vaudeville and silent film, as well as modern contemporary influences like James Thierree.

The show has been touring the continent since 2014 and leaving sold out houses and delighted audiences in its wake. A profoundly fun blend of physical theatre and comedy, Beau & Aero is an extraordinary experience you won’t soon forget.

Beau & Aero is recommended for ages 6 – adult.

A slapstick/introduction to acrobatics workshop led by the artists will commence at 12:15 in our ballroom. Space is limited. Please call 702.229.ARTS for more information.

“Inspired, glorious clowning...blending the gentle sweetness of Laurel & Hardy with the romantic tension of Tracy and Hepburn” - Theatre Ghost LA

Additional Information 

Please note that Wednesday's performance will be held at The Charleston Heights Arts Center, Thursday's performance will be held at the Historic Fifth Street School.