“Past Perfect” Exhibition Artist Jeana Eve Klein

Jeana Eve Klein, "Set Up", Acrylic paint and inkjet printing on recycled fabric; machine-pieced and hand-quilted

Artist, Jeana Eve Klein combines acrylic paint, ink jet printing, and quilting in her work in order to transport the viewer into the home being depicted in the stark contrasting photo images on the quilt. This mixture of media and social concern is what is striking about the work, as it could be about any of us or anyone we know, especially in the world that exists today. There is both a warmth and horror in the images that compels us visually into the pieces and at the same time the images cause us to be concerned abut the abandoned transition found in the images.

Abandoned houses haunt my waking dreams. I think about who once lived there, what their stories were, and why those stories weren’t important enough to be preserved. I wonder when the first broken window was left unfixed, when the first roof tile wasn’t replaced, and why the former inhabitants fled. –Jeana Eve Klein