The World Through My Eyes ~ Paintings by Shirley Jeane

Boulder City Art Guild presents Oct Featured Artist Exhibit : "The World Through My Eyes" ~ Works by Shirley Jeane

 The Featured Artist Exhibit highlights works by Shirley Jeane -shape oriented, stylized paintings as well as some more realistic paintings. The stylized paintings include some from the artist’s story collection (Paintings that have a story that goes with each), some of her paintings used to teach water-media classes, and some experimental paintings. One thing that you will see in Ms. Jean’s paintings is that shape, especially a curved shape, is an important part of her work. Curved shapes keep the eye moving through the painting illuminating the story she is telling. Bold color is another means to further the story. You will find both unusual and familiar uses of color to highlight the narrative. Text also accompanies the story paintings to help show the world through her eyes.
The exhibit will include paintings, prints and cards along with gift items.
A Featured Artist reception is Oct 14 12:30-3:30 pm in the BC Art Guild Gallery inside the Boulder Dam Hotel. No Admission charge- open to the public.

Additional Information 

Open to the public 7 days a week- Upstairs from the lobby, on level one.