Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen

Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen

Incest, adultery, venereal disease, euthanasia—as contentious as those topics may seem today one can only imagine how incendiary they were back in 1881 when Ibsen wrote Ghosts, one of the masterpieces of modern drama. Challenging convention and contemporary thinking Ibsen explores the hypocrisy and duplicity of Victorian era values—values that are still debated today.

A wife, trapped in a poisonous marriage, decides not to leave her husband when in her heart she knows she should. The result of that decision has consequences far beyond anything she might have imagined.

After Shakespeare, Henrik Ibsen is the most produced playwright in the world. According to Pravda his A Doll’s House is the most produced play. In many ways Ghosts can be viewed as a sequel because it too examines a dysfunctional marriage and society’s response to the value of staying in that marriage. Ibsen has long been viewed as a premiere writer of women’s roles and an early advocate for women’s rights.

Mrs. Alving - Kristina Harris
Oswald - Zachary Bortot
Pastor Manders - Blair Anthony
Regina - Rebeka Bortot
Engstand - Brian Ault

Director - Dr. James Bernardi (retired professor of theatre from U.N.R. and co-founder of the Nevada Repertory Company.
Producer - Chad Sweet
Stage Manager - Tiff Bream

April 26, 27, 28*
May 2 PWYC, 3 HHTC, 4, 5*, 10, 11 & 12*.

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