Artist Profiles

Janice Oberding

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Photographer, Writer

Janice Oberding is the author of over 12 books.

Group: Olabisi African Dance and Drum Ensemble

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Dancer, Folk Artist, Teaching Artist
Specialization: African Dance and Drum

Olabisi African Dance & Drum Ensemble is dedicated to teaching drum and dance influenced by the culture of West Africa. The ensemble of dancers and drummers are a diverse and unique group of men, women, and children.

Larry Ollivier

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Poet
Specialization: Poet, Workshop Instructor

Larry L. Ollivier grew up on a small farm in the Skykomish Valley northeast of Seattle.

J. Michael Orr

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Visual Artist
Specialization: Contemorary Artist

Artist J. Michael Orr graduated from San Francisco State College, later pursuing graduate work at Golden Gate College. He also attended the California College of Arts and Crafts. He and his wife live in the small community of Verdi, Nevada.

Gailmarie Pahmeier

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Poet
Specialization: Poet, Fiction Writer, Workshop Instructor

Gailmarie Pahmeier has been a Nevadan for nearly 30 years. She currently teaches creative writing and contemporary literature courses at the University of Nevada, where she has been honored with the Alan Bible Teaching Excellence Award and the University Distinguished Teacher Award.

Pan Pantoja

Location: Fernley, Nevada
Category: Actor
Specialization: Media Arts, Theatre, Visual Arts

The opportunity to introduce our youth to art is priceless to Pan, especially with the at-risk population. Artists in the charter schools and detention centers are vital to the well-being of the youth served. Pan has seen the positive effects that art can do for this population.

Erika Paul

Location: Sparks, Nevada
Category: Musician, Singer, Teaching Artist
Specialization: Jazz Artist

As Erika Paul stops long enough to reflect, she realizes that she truly loves what she does and would not be doing anything else!

Ann Marie Pereth

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Director, Teaching Artist, Writer

Ann Marie Pereth believes strongly in the communal power of great stories, dramatic ideas, and the sincere engagement that audiences find in challenging theatrical events.

George Perreault

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Poet
Specialization: Poet, Creative Nonfiction Writer, Workshop Instructor

George Perreault grew up in rural New England but has lived primarily in the West since 1973. He earned a doctorate at the University of New Mexico where he studied poetry with Gene Frumkin and Leslie Silko. He has taught at the University of Nevada, Reno since 1999.

A Perry

Location: Virginia City, Nevada
Category: Visual Artist
Specialization: Acrylic and mixed media painter

A. Perry works in acrylics and mixed media on canvas, mannequins and other surfaces. She uses layers of imagery, color and verbiage to communicate on multiple levels.

Michael Pickard

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Storyteller, Teaching Artist, Visual Artist
Specialization: Stone sculptures

Michael Pickard was born and raised in Clark County. His first showing as an artist was when he was 7. He took first place at a Henderson day camp held at Mt. Charleston where he took the resources on the ground and created the most beautiful bunny made of sticks and rocks in a mosaic form.

Cesarina Pulleyn

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Visual Artist
Specialization: Mixed medium

Cesarina Vaughn Pulleyn has been an artist for as long as she can remember. " It was back in high school where I was highly influenced by a wonderful teacher Loni Albin. It was there that I learned an appreciation for all mediums," she says.

Karla Rehm

Location: Henderson, Nevada
Category: Teaching Artist, Visual Artist
Specialization: painter/sculptor

A life long artist, Karla grew up in Wheat Ridge Colorado, receiving her Associates degree in Graphic Design in 1982 and a Bachelors in Art in 1987.

Robert Leonard Reid

Location: Carson City, Nevada
Category: Writer
Specialization: Creative Nonfiction Writer, Journalist, Pianist, Songwriter, Workshop Instructor

Robert Leonard Reid is the author of three memoirs and some 100 magazine articles and essays. Arctic Circle, his latest book, is a meditation on the North, inspired by his journeys to northern Alaska and Yukon on the trail of the Porcupine caribou herd.

Paula Riley

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Photographer, Writer
Specialization: Author, freelance writer-photog

Author of "Atheist in Church--on Heaven and Other Mysteries" and "Postcards from Planet Eldercare--the Final Frontier," both personal narratives.

Blanca Roa

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Visual Artist
Specialization: Painting

Since childhood, she found in painting the way to communicate, on canvas and stroke, a way of expression.
Her art has continued its personal evolution capturing it in their works.

Sylvia Robertson

Location: Henderson, Nevada
Category: Folk Artist, Teaching Artist
Specialization: Ukranian Pysanky

Sylvia Robertson grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada. Ukrainian was spoken in her home, and as a child she became fluent in both Ukrainian and English. She learned Ukrainian embroidery, egg arts, and other traditional arts from family members.

Kirk Robertson

Location: Fallon, Nevada
Category: Poet
Specialization: Poet, Essayist, Columnist, Workshop Instructor

Kirk Robertson grew up in Southern California and has lived in Fallon, Nevada since 1975. He graduated from California State University, Long Beach, where he also taught.

Gregory Robinson

Location: Henderson, Nevada
Category: Poet, Visual Artist, Writer
Specialization: Experimental Writer

Gregory Robinson is the Chair of the Humanities Department at Nevada State College (NSC). His academic and creative work focuses on the intersections of image and text, especially as it relates to silent movies. He lives in Boulder City with his wife Joan and his dog, BinBin.

Ben Rogers

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Writer
Specialization: Fiction/Nonfiction Writer, Journalist, Workshop Instructor

Ben Rogers was born in Carson City in 1977 and now lives in Reno with his wife and two daughters. His debut novel, The Flamer, was published by Aqueous Books in 2012.

Marc Rosenthal

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Teaching Artist, Visual Artist
Specialization: Sculptor, Potter, Painter

Born in Houston, Texas, Marc Rosenthal grew up in suburban neighborhoods surrounded by wooded fields and bayous.

Colin Ross

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Musician, Teaching Artist
Specialization: Performing Arts

Artist Colin Ross has 36 years of professional experience as a performer, band leader, writer, and composer. He began playing and performing on the piano at the age of five and has been playing professionally since 1977.

Diane Rugg

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Choreographer, Dancer, Teaching Artist
Specialization: Creative Movement, Somatics, Spoken Word, Beyond Technique

Diane Rugg was born in Santa Barbara, California with an imaginative soul and deep somatic knowing. She grew up in the idyllic, richly multicultural community of Riverside, Ca with politically active, musically enlightened parents and a grandmother who was a Ziegfeld Follies hoofer.

Danielle Rumbaugh

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Visual Artist
Specialization: Portrait Drawing

Born and raised in Carson City, Nevada, Danielle attended the Ashland Academy of Art and Atelier Maui with classical instruction in drawing and painting. Danielle composes a wide range of works and commission pieces from murals, landscapes, portraits, and concept design pieces.

Greg Sample

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Choreographer, Director
Specialization: Contemporary Dance Co. Director

Former Celine Dion and Cirque du Soleil dancer, Greg Sample formed SampleDance, a contemporary dance company in early 2016.