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Reno, Nevada

Singh Chakrapani

Chakrapani, Singh

The passionate and sensitive Guitarist Chakrapani Singh and his journeys as an individual through a whole gamut of emotions reveals Truth, Beauty and Perfection towards Music. The Veena in his hand produces the sweetest and most sensuous emotions that transcend one to the nether world. He is an innovative Kachhapi Veena player, who improved the tonal quality of his instrument by adding 35 more strings to make his playing more melodious. The variety of sweet musical sounds created with its amazing range of tonality and depth of expression. His unique style of playing and his innovative skills have brought honors to him with the prestigious awards like: “Best World Music Performances,” "The Virtuoso of Indian Classical Music" in Mauritius, "The Legend of Guitar," "3rd International Sardar Patel Award 2008" and many more.

Chakrapani Singh is the founder of Traditional Association for Cultural Harmony (TACH). Through TACH, Chakrapani wants to promote Indian Classical Music. His motive is to make music lovers aware with Music Education, Cultural Exchange Program, Fusion Music Collaboration, Seminar, Workshop, Music Competition, World Music Festival, Music Awareness, Audio – Video Production and Development of Traditional Cultural Harmony through TACH.

Chakrapani is truly a rare instrumentalist with an unique repertoire ranging from traditional, classical compositions on the slide guitar to his innovative, renditions on the Kachappi Veena. This maverick musician leaves every music lover spell bound with his flashes of unparalleled brilliance. Chakrapani's everlasting love for music is undoubtedly going to be a joyful journey. His unique style of playing amazed the audiences.
Chakrapani Singh’s Traditional Association for Cultural Harmony (TACH) is pleased to announce the availability of “Music from the East” performances for schools and community events. In cooperation with the Nevada Arts Council, TACH works to promote cross-cultural musical exchanges at all levels: education, performance, instruction, and more.The “Music from the East” program features Chakrapani Singh on his kachaapi veena (a 35 string guitar played with a slide), Pete Fairley on tablas (a pair of North Indian drums), and Jim Eaglesmith on vocals and rhythm guitar. Audience members will experience classical North Indian ragas (melodic forms played in a variety of rhythm cycles), kirtan (call and response songs of praise and joy), and fusions of Indian and western musical styles. Programs for schools will include opportunities for audience participation as well as explanations of various aspects of Indian music.
Music: The Universal Language !!!
All cultures express themselves through music, often using spoken syllables to represent specific sounds. Just as Western music sings the scale as “do, re, mi…,” Indian music sings the same scale but with different syllables: “sa, re, ga…” Similarly, rhythmic phrases on the tabla drums are also expressed as strings of syllables, each indicating a specific sound on the drum: “dha terekita dha ge na,” for example. The “Music from the East” program will feature many instructional moments such as these!
New Sounds from a Distant Land !!!
Music from North India features some approaches to music that may sound unusual to Western ears. These differences will be demonstrated during the program, along with explanations of how they fit into the music. Examples include the alap, an introduction to a raga which explores the notes of the scale to be used throughout the composition, along with unusual time signatures, such as jhaptal, a ten-beat rhythmic cycle that can be played either slow or fast.