Artist Profile

Reno, Nevada

Susan Terry Watson

Watson, Susan Terry

Watson is a California native who now spends her time between Paris, France and Reno, Nevada.
" Paris feeds my creative drive and the Sierra Mountains nurture and replenish my soul. Paris energizes while the mountains invite me to pay attention to my "inner sound."

Kandinsky said, "The task of an artist is to first establish and then maintain contact with his inner sound and then to search for and commit to canvas its visual equivalent as form and color."

Her style which has been described as Abstract Expressionism emerged in 2006. Previous works were Landscapes and Seascapes in Oils and then Still Life in Acrylics but as the Still Life paintings were getting more and more loose the move into Abstraction was inevitable.

During her 2006-2008 stay in Paris she studied with Nina Kovacheva. Under Kovacheva's tutelage Watson was introduced to the mediums and tools that she uses today to create her large scale abstracts. She was encouraged to use bold strokes, bright colors and to paint with the energy of her body and not just her wrists. In 2007 she was invited to exhibit in a group show at the Carrousel de Louvre. She discovered that painting in the Abstract afforded her more ways to express her philosophy's and her ideas about places, events and personal circumstances.

Her new "studio home" in Reno is at Valley Arts Research at 420 Valley Road. This is an exciting new art venue for Reno artists and she is excited to be part of Reno's current art renaissance.