Artist Profile

Decatur, Georgia

Sue Schroeder

Schroeder, Sue

As an artist and dynamic participant in the community, Sue believes it is essential to approach, develop and nurture a meaningful connection to dance. To that end, successful and mutually-beneficial residency experiences are created with the imagination, resources, and input of the presenters, teachers, administrators, artists, community leaders, and all other supporters. It is fundamental to seek out and include non-traditional segments of these communities, thereby creating the opportunity to enlighten the community, in a larger sense, about itself.

Sue’s projects involving work in schools and neighborhood venues she maintains commitment to enhancing our community’s future in a meaningful way. She looks toward transformation within the community, on some level, as a result of her residency experience.

Language Proficiencies
Counties Served
Preferred Groups/Populations
Schools (grades K-12), college, at-risk, incarcerated individuals, seniors, special needs/disabilities, social service groups, hospital/health care groups/ ESL
Classrooms, Neighborhood venues
Professional Development Workshops: Teacher/Staff Training
CORE, in collaboration with the Atlanta Ballet, Moving in the Spirit, Arts Connect and Dance Educators of Georgia, created the Teacher Training Institute (TTI) in 2002, with the first full training session completed in April 2004. This teacher-training program is designed to develop the most qualified instructors in the region to teach dance and kinetic learning in community enrichment programs. Using the TTI system she works with teachers, health care providers, or adults working in any number of social service or educational programs and shares with them the tools to use dance and kinetic learning techniques with the populations they serve. Issues addressed can include: multiple intelligences and different learning styles; diversity training and cultural sensitivity, nurturing personal creativity, classroom management and more. She also offers trainings that address the participants’ specific needs or interests.
Program/Residency Activity Descriptions: Schools/Communities
Moving Through Verbs and Adverbs; That Grasp of Unreason: The Flannery O’Conner Project; Weaving Mayan Tales; The Movement of Music; Weaving the Dance; America! Question: Asking the Questions; Messiah: The Interfaith Dialogue; Aria for an Endangered Species: Unearthing the Family Species.