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Reno, Nevada

Scot Marshall

Marshall, Scot

Led by professional bassist, vocalist, and storyteller Scot Marshall, “In-Tune Tales” also features jazz violinist Graham Marshall, Scot’s son, a student of the University of Nevada, Reno's Jazz and Improvisational Music program, and guitarist Drew Wesely, a recent graduate of the same program.

Scot Marshall has worked as a professional bassist, vocalist, and storyteller since the age of 15. He first learned the art of storytelling from his family, especially his grandmother Adabelle Cherry Marshall, who traveled with Chautauqua from 1916-1918. He has been a featured artist with Pioneer Youth Programs since 2000, bringing quality music to Washoe County schools and libraries (and beyond) with "In-Tune Tales."

In Marshall's presentations, stories come to life combining music, song, musical sound effects and the spoken word into a seamless live performance. Throughout history stories have been used as a fundamental means of communication used to preserve and perpetuate personal family and cultural history and to transmit and pass on family values from generation to generation. Through a program drawn upon an assortment of modem stories and traditional folktales, students will hear thematic explorations that are historical, educational and entertaining with messages of fairness, kindness and truth presented as "Metaphors for Life". "In-Tune Tales" warmth and humor encourages audience participation and creates a joyful rapport that draws students and teachers into a variety of geographical settings, timescapes, and world cultures. Exploring the rich tradition of the spoken word combined with music and song, the program is an excellent means for children to develop their verbal, interactive and attention skills to use their imagination and their minds.

Reno, NV
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“In-Tune Tales” presents spoken and sung stories, and songs, with an organically created acoustic soundtrack using upright bass, guitar, vocals, and violin. The audience is encouraged to join the group and participate in singing familiar songs and with music from other cultures. The performance will focus on storytelling as a folk art with live musical accompaniment performed in the moment. The instruments will be discussed and demonstrated as to their role in the group and the sources for the stories include everything from Jewish folklore to Dr. Seuss.