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Las Vegas, Nevada

Ruzo Logic

Logic, Ruzo

Ruzo Logic has thought about drawing and painting all his life. "As a child I enjoyed painting. I mostly worked with water colors, blending shades, and creating complex tones. It wasn’t until many decades later while pursuing Buddhist precepts at a monastery that I again began to explore art again," he says. "Separated from the distractions of materialism I reunited with my true passion for drawing and painting. It is through great effort that talent is developed. I spent several years replicating US currency and learned to examine color with infinite detail. The face of a hundred dollar bill has more than four hundred thousand colors. These colors are created by blending inks on paper and the combinations are without end."

He adds, "Salvador Dali is the artist who I admire the most. I wandered into his exhibit at the Maui Hyatt when I was 21. On that day I saw the thought-provoking nature of surrealism. Here I saw an artist break the bounds of stereotypical replication, crafting and challenging the viewer's self-imposed reality. For me, it’s most interesting when a forbidden thought is explored." The challenge of “you can’t do that” sort of thinking causes him to do more of it. Like dripping a clock over a dead branch is not possible. He found his thoughts on his canvas. He saw whathe was thinking and he had painted it. The distortion of objects having relationships with objects made perfect sense. He strives to develop art capturing his thoughts with clarity and detail.

Logic colors like a child and as he get better the coloring gets more interesting. "I find myself drawing throughout the day especially during lectures in college. I carry pen paper and colored inks in my backpack. I don’t care what I draw on as long as I draw and color. Shading and pointillism are amazing tools when used properly and I work at mastering both," he says. "I am currently working on materials that others wouldn’t think of. For an upcoming school exhibition, I am using a 24” by 48” sheet of 1” thick EPS board using sharpie markers and colored highlighter pens as the medium. Its texture is different than anything a trained artist would use and I don’t want to miss the experience of using it. Forcing myself to avoid what is familiar I can explore any new ideas."

Logic continues, "After the first few hundred works I have started to see what I like. Mainly working with ink and colored pencils, my work has been small in size. However this is changing into larger formats and new mediums. I intend to begin larger scale works on buildings adding beauty to all who enter. Mostly I want to say it’s all been a controlled accident. Not taking myself too seriously and thinking I am going to change the world lets me enjoy when I do it. It’s my ego that separates me from enjoying what it is I love doing. So if as a child I say I am a great artist no harm is done."