Artist Profile

Sparks, Nevada

Richard Eaves Woods

Woods, Richard Eaves

I have always been an artist. All my life I’ve gotten these urges to draw what I imagine, these ideas as images that come upon me when I’m daydreaming about something else. A quick sketch may be all that happens for the moment, some compositions clamor for the jump to reality immediately. Some of my best work was a re-creation of one of these images that I could see so clearly. Theory and process are necessary parts of my work, and the statement of my intent for a body of work is a necessary preliminary to actually putting it all together in a series of pieces. The statement may evolve from the creation of a painting that suggests new subjects, new directions. Then again, the push to work in a new direction may drive the evolution of an initial composition in a new process, or style.
I have worked primarily in watercolor, but I’ve tested most media, with recent successes in oils, acrylics. I’ve had formal training in lithography and silkscreen, and I’ve had some fun with assemblage and collage too. I’m also a photojournalist, with some studio photography experience.
I have work in collections in the US Air Force Command HQ, Anchorage, Alaska, Indiana University, South Bend, US Coast Guard Headquarters, Washington DC. My first solo show was in Elizabeth City, N.C., in 1988.
I have always been an artist. My second grade teacher apologized that she couldn’t get me to do much else but draw. I took my first third place award as a high school sophomore in the Concord Art Association’s 1967 Annual show. I graduated from high school with the departmental arts award, earning a regional placement in the national Hallmark high school competition.
I’m a Washington State native, with high school in Concord, Calif., and fine arts training at CSU Chico, Indiana University, South Bend and University of Nevada, Reno.
I was Encore magazine editor as a freelancer (Woods Publishing Services), writer, illustrator, designer, artist, photographer. I have also worked as a search and rescue air crewman, electronics tech., carpenter, sign painter/exhibit builder, photojournalist, illustrator, and lots of other stuff, some that made a living and others that didn’t. I retired from active duty in the Coast Guard, in May 1996.
Now I’m a working artist, a charter member of the new Liberty Fine Arts collective, Reno, and a Coast Guard artist.
I'm happily married, to Joan Eaves, of Cudahy, Calif. We married on Kauai's north shore in May 1998.