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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mick laBriola

laBriola, Mick

Mick’s residency is called “Rhythm Roots Workshop” a study of traditional/cultural drumming techniques conducted in a tone of cultural sensitivity and respect. Mick primarily teaches hand drumming, which commonly refers to a system of rhythmic techniques applied to various traditional percussion instruments.

“Rhythm Roots Workshop” combines traditional drumming techniques with a sense of cultural awareness and appreciation. Along with an instrument’s place of origin, there exists a system of techniques very specific to that instrument. In addition to the musicality of the instrument, one must also consider cultural sensibilities: ethnic customs, demeanor, attitude, and cultural context; which are vital in understanding an art form derived from a specific culture. It’s his goal that students will learn not only basic drumming techniques and a basic percussion vocabulary, but also to respect cultural origins - a key to learning cultural art forms.

Students learn basic hand drum techniques and specific rhythms as applied to each percussion instrument. Rhythms are arranged to create an ensemble format, and in turn the Ensemble creates a Performance Piece. This experience exemplifies student group cooperation while building confidence and excitement as the students mount their very own Performance Piece.

Language Proficiencies
English, Spanish
Counties Served
Preferred Groups/Populations
Schools (grades pre-k, K-12), college level, at-risk, seniors, incarsarated, special needs/disabilities,
Fees, Availability and Technical Requirements
Available year round. Residencies begin at $75/class & $300 instrument fee + mileage, per diem & lodging. Workshops: $350/first hour; $100/consecutive hours + mileage, per diem & lodging.
Program/Residency Activity Descriptions: Schools/Communities
Cultural Diversity in our Schools, Undoing Racism & Multi-Cultural Programming; “Rhythm Roots Workshop”-Multi-Cultural Percussion Ensemble; The Assembly Programs: The Maroons - Music of the English Speaking Caribbean (primarily Jamaica & Trinidad, genres include Calypso, Soca, Nyabingi, John Canoe, Mento, Ska & Reggae); Karibuni-Music of the Conga, Kenya, Tanzania & South Africa (genres include Soukous, Zebola, Jive & Shilo); Maqam-Folk, Classical & Pop Music of the Arabic Culture (primarily Egypt, Algeria, Palestine & Lebanon); Café Mundo International-Instrumental Trio performing Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Sepharadic, North/East European, South American, Jazz & World Music; Rincone del Flamenco-Music & Dance of the Gypsy Culture of Andalucia-Southern Spain.