Artist Profile

Las Vegas, Nevada

Michael Pickard

Pickard, Michael

Michael Pickard was born and raised in Clark County. His first showing as an artist was when he was 7. He took first place at a Henderson day camp held at Mt. Charleston where he took the resources on the ground and created the most beautiful bunny made of sticks and rocks in a mosaic form.

"The next award was not until 2010 where the City of Las Vegas awarded me first place for sculpture in the Celebrating Life Art Contest. Since then I have mastered the art of rock balancing. My creations go a few steps beyond the common practice of balancing rocks, I have learned how to set magnetic pins. When done correctly fifty mile an hour winds show respect to my creations who personify the living," he says. "Magicians call me the real thing, those who have a religious background call my work miraculous, others have called me the Zen Master of Stone. In 1995 a life altering experience brought out a hidden talent. I have learned how to awaken the life force in stone and I make it visible for all to see."