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Las Vegas, Nevada

Mercedes Warrick

Warrick, Mercedes

Mercedes Warrick is a spiritual intuitive, teacher and author. She has written two healing systems. The Soul Inspired Tune Up® and Visionscapes®. Her art began to emerge through her in 2012 when she unexpectedly painted a piece at an afternoon workshop that she thought was quite good.

“It was a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours in the afternoon. I left the workshop and bought a frame to hang my painting up that evening.”

Her friend, Leah Young (Executive Director, The Art of Women Foundation) arrived a few weeks later with two canvases, brushes and coupons. “I have been painting ever since.”

Her work comes through Spirit. In Spirit and through Spirit each painting has emerged. I have not really wanted to be in the business of art. This series of four paintings is allowing me to bring all of the elements of my spiritual work together.

“I am very excited about the conversations that are coming forth, the voices that are breaking their silence and the courage of women telling their stories.”

Mercedes’ art credits include:

The Gallery of Contemporary Art in Laguna Beach, California . Recently, The Emergence was juried into the Women’s Work Symposium and Exhibition at The Tarnoff Gallery in Pecos, New Mexico. She was a featured artist and presenter at the first, Art of Women Showcase and Exhibit held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Her artwork can be viewed and purchased online at:

Xanandu Gallery of Scottsdale, Arizona :

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