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Las Vegas, Nevada

Marc Rosenthal

Rosenthal, Marc

Born in Houston, Texas, Marc Rosenthal grew up in suburban neighborhoods surrounded by wooded fields and bayous. His brothers and he rode their bikes along the banks of the bayous, daring each other to jump the ditch, walk across the railroad trestle, balance on the water pipes, and crawl through the sewer lines, even when the flashlight went out. They built a tree house in those woods and fished for bass in old man Meyers’ pond. These were their secret places of escape. They inspired in him a love for the remote, the wild, and the hidden.

Rosenthal has been living in Las Vegas for the last thirteen years. The desert, mountains, and the havens in between, are sources of inspiration for him. As development continues there is a direct impact upon habitats of the plants, animals, and the people. He is seeking answers to some basic questions. How does the past directly affect the present? What will the future bring? What can we do to protect our future? These are the themes Rosenthal often explores in his work with natural, mythical, and dream elements. He sees the desert as a place of awakening.