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Spanish Springs, Nevada

Lynne Liebelt

Liebelt, Lynne

Lynne Liebelt was born in Reno, and lived in Sparks until her family moved to Southern California when she was still a young child. Her grandmother did lots of crochet and fabric creation, and mother was wildly into anything new and creative -- mostly crafts, rather than fine arts. She drew from the beginning.

She played stringed instruments, violin in the jr. high orchestra, and bass in the dance band. She took art classes throughout high school, and worked of sets for several theater productions. Liebelt received the Bank of America award for art in my graduating class, and had a piece displayed in an exhibit of the top 500 student images in jr. and sr. high in Orange County for that year. I was encouraged to attend Art Center in LA; parents thought not.

In college, at California Western University, Liebelt became a member of Alpha Psi Omega, and was assistant to the costumer on a work grant/scholarship deal. She did a very little acting, lots of costumes, and some set work. For the last three years of college, she focused on competitive athletics, and did very little artwork.

She went to work as an elementary teacher and taught for 35 years. During that time she taught art in all her homeroom classes, in after school programs, and to other teachers. I took water color and oil classes for my own pleasure for a number of years each. Toward the end of her teaching career, Liebelt began taking computer graphics classes, and after retiring from teaching finished a certificate in graphic design.

For the following five years she worked in advertising, newspaper, and educational publishing as a graphic or production artist.

Now she is not working for anyone else, but is more busy than she wants to be. "I am having a ball raising a gorgeous, sweet-natured paint colt; keeping up with a total of three horses, three goats, a very demanding cat, and an ever expanding vegetable garden. I am also taking a variety of art and photography classes, and am trying hard to find more time to paint, go on photo shoots, and learn more about the programs I use," she says.