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Thermopolis, Wyoming

Gypsy Cowbelle

Cowbelle, Gypsy

Music serves as the common thread that binds all of Gypsy Cowbelle’s life experiences. A professional performing artist for 13 years, Gypsy learned through the folk processes of oral transmission and example, rather than through formal or academic means. Her teachers ranged from street musicians in New Orleans to finger-picking wizards in the Appalachian Mountains and from old-time banjo frailers in the Pacific Northwest to cowboys and homesteaders in the Wyoming mountains. The result is her signature “Genuine Cowbilly” music. Her musical family with a love of classic country planted the seed for Gypsy’s style, which was further cultivated by traveling America and caretaking a remote ranch with no modern amenities for fourteen years. This lifestyle inspired her to design and build her own plank banjos and to lead jamborees with other latent musicians playing a variety of homespun instruments. Immersion in western lore and a lifelong interest in bygone days created the historical component of her repertoire while travel added the cultural element of her performances.

For twenty years, Gypsy worked hard to develop her musical expression though diverse performances and compositions. Through song, she shares American history and culture nationwide with audiences of all ages. Her interactive workshops help others create their own instruments and music. She enjoys teaching traditional folk, country and cowboy tunes to the next generation. Using music as a platform, Gypsy aspires to unite audiences, reveal history, evoke creative thought, promote musical expression, celebrate universal themes and depict characters found along a road less travelled. Most important, she strives to remain “Nothing Fancy but Guaranteed Authentic!”

Thermopolis, WY
(307) 231-9252

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Homespun Instruments: an interactive program geared for children but great fun for all ages. Participants join in on traditional tunes, playing a variety of household instruments from washtubs and scrub boards to spoons and saws, and every shaker, bell, and drum in between. The focus is on the joy and creativity of making music, resourcefulness, and group dynamics; The Essentials of Songwriting: Focusing on the creative process and the artistic use of language, this program is an excellent introduction to songwriting that encourages and assists students of all ages as they develop their writing skills and hone lyricism; Modern Day Homesteader: A concert that presents the homesteading way of life and American history between 1850-1940 through music; Mares Tales: a concert spotlighting America’s leading ladies.