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Las Vegas, Nevada

Group: Olabisi African Dance and Drum Ensemble

Olabisi African Dance and Drum Ensemble , Group:

Olabisi African Dance & Drum Ensemble is dedicated to teaching drum and dance influenced by the culture of West Africa. The ensemble of dancers and drummers are a diverse and unique group of men, women, and children. Their repertoire celebrates West African traditions including music through joyous rhythms, electrifying drum and dance workshops, performances, storytelling and song. Some of the traditional West African repertoire includes, but is not limited to, Guinea Fare, Djole, Kakilambe, and Mamaya, the music of which is primarily played on traditional African drums (djembe and djun djun).

Olabisi creates energetic performances that are exciting and filled with cultural details. For example, the drum was an ancient means of communication throughout the African Diaspora. Today the drum is still a vital element of the rituals and dances of West African traditions.

Drumming is a very powerful method of building children’s confidence and self-esteem. They love learning rhythms and traditional African songs and chants to accompany the drumming. Olabisi’s highly skilled performers and master teachers give drum and dance workshops that provide students with the chance to experience the joy and dynamism of African culture first-hand. Our energetic dancers and drummers ensure that everyone gets involved and discovers something new. In addition, through storytelling and song, participants are taken on an inspirational journey through West African culture. Through Olabisi Dance and Drum Ensemble, everyone is invited to experience expanded self-discovery, learning more about themselves and the world around them.

Classes offered are all-inclusive for children and adults of all ages and abilities, including those with diverse physical, emotional, and intellectual communication needs. Olabisi’s goal is to educate and create an unforgettable experience. Their performances and workshops abound with energy and joy!

Las Vegas, NV
(702) 900-1362

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Schools (grades pre-K-12), adults, seniors
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