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Las Vegas, Nevada

Group: Mariachi Aguilas de America

Mariachi Aguilas de America, Group:

Mariachi Aguilas de America is dedicated to teaching mariachi music and the impact and influences of Hispanic culture in North America. Its nine members, a group of Clark County music teachers and some of their former students, hail from Mexico and traditional Latino communities of Texas and Arizona. They electrify audiences with their voices and exceptional range and quality on the trumpet, violin, guitar, and guittaron (a large bass guitar).

Mariachi developed during the colonial period in the state of Jalisco in Mexico. It is ensemble-based and relies primarily on stringed instruments; larger ensembles may include trumpets, other brass, percussion, or wind instruments. Although this music arose in Jalisco, mariachi has embraced rhythms, songs, and attire from other regions of Mexico. It has adapted to popular culture through reshaping popular songs into the distinctive mariachi sound and through its role in the popular media. Mariachi music has become an emblematic element of Mexican culture.

Educators as well as musicians, Mariachi Aguilas de Ameria members explain the evolution of the traditional mariachi musical instruments, sounds, and songs. The construction of the instruments and the ways they have changed over time (from turtle shells to wood in the case of the vihuela, a five-stringed guitar with a high pitch), the integration of Mexico’s varying regional sounds, and current popular music are topics Mariachi Aguilas integrates into their presentations.

The lively performances that Mariahi Aguilas presents make an immediate and direct impact on audiences. For many who lived in Mexico before moving to the United States, the music vividly recalls the culture and language of their homeland. Experiencing the music encourages others who may be less familiar with the arts and cultural traditions of Mexico to develop a deeper understanding of the ways that Mexican-Americans have influenced and supported the development of Nevada since the time before the Mexican Cession of 1848, when Nevada was part of Mexico.

With its Facebook page and YouTube videos, it might appear that Mariachi Aguilas de America is modern to the exclusion of tradition, but that is not the case. The Mariachi Aguilas musicians honor the vibrant spirit of mariachi by enthusiastically sharing authentic sounds, styles and songs

Las Vegas, NV
Noe Ramos
(702) 767-2795

Language Proficiencies
English, Spanish
Counties Served
Clark County
Preferred Groups/Populations
Schools 6-12, college, young adult, adult.
Schools K-12, colleges and universities, libraries, museums, community and senior centers, special events, festivals and fairs.
Program/Residency Activity Descriptions: Schools/Communities
45 minute - 1 hour performances and demonstrations, workshops; school assemblies; festival performances (stage) and demonstrations (booth or exhibition).