Artist Profile

Henderson, Nevada

Eric Schauer

Schauer, Eric

Eric’s father was a part-time professional drummer when Eric was growing up. At UNLV, he studied with Joe Malone and Dave Loeb (2002-2003). At CSN, he studied with Dr. D. Gause, Dr. Tom Ferguson, and Bob Bonora (2003-2006). At both institutions, Eric was in the work-study program as a music assistant. His most fruitful experiences as an artist-in-training have come under Vegas music legends Walter Blanton and Roy James, who have communicated the language of jazz to him in an expressive folk-art manner (2004-present). Their guidance greatly aided the development of his trios, Freedom Jazz Trio and Jazz Out the Box, and he wants to carry the torch of these jazzmen.

As far as his drumming skills are concerned, he has trained with regular practice at home, using a NY jazz approach handed down and developed throughout years of lessons with Roy James. The approach is one that translates to professional drumming in any genre and has also allowed him to find his personal musical style. With both of his trios and in his general pursuits, the goal has always been to push the creative envelope in music while providing a fresh and flexible outlook on the creative process, art performance, and audience involvement.

Jazz continues to be my favorite art, and he continues active listening and analysis of jazz music today. What’s more, Eric sees the art of Jazz as a highly sophisticated yet approachable “true to life” art form that naturally mimics the movements, sounds, and rhythms of life. Jazz possesses polar characteristics of tension and release, orderly composition and random reactions, and disciplined precision along with loose freedoms. And as a jazz performer, he can relay the principles of disciplined effort, teamwork, communication, and the tradition of storytelling to a young audience while inspiring a joyful and creative interaction.

Language Proficiencies
Counties Served
Preferred Groups/Populations
Schools, toddlers, (grades pre-K-12), colleges; adults, special needs
Schools; community & cultural centers; concert venues, festivals
Fees, Availability and Technical Requirements
$300/Jazz Out the Box performance/workshop; $75/additional performance/workshop + travel outside Clark County; $100/jazz drum workshop; $40/individual hour lesson
Program/Residency Activity Descriptions: Schools/Communities
“An Adventure in Jazz Land”; set to a theme of train travel, teaches the values of creative thought, open communication and expression, disciplined effort, teamwork, and active listening while shedding a fun light on the art and language of jazz music. All the while, Jazz Out the Box performs its highly varied and often simple repertoire, leading the audience to discover jazz in unlikely places. There are many opportunities for audience participation throughout the adventure. Professional Development Workshops Jazz Out the Box's "Adventure in Jazz Land" program and other music performances can easily be converted from assembly performance for children into classroom workshops and creative partnerships with educators and other professionals.