Artist Profile

Ferndale, California

Emily Silver

Silver, Emily

Emily aims to balance intuitive and intellectual knowledge of paint, aesthetics, perception, and her relationship with the desert in her life, art, and teaching. She is interested in the “aha!” moment, a perceptive shift we experience as we suddenly understand how fundamental principles of art and design apply to our lives. She is especially interested in sustained residencies where she can help students develop a sense of place about their scenic and historic surroundings; where she can work with teachers, counselors, or therapists to help build confidence in at-risk people; where creative problem solving can be exercised; and where humor can play a part.

Language Proficiencies
English, French
Counties Served
Preferred Groups/Populations
Schools (grades pre-K-12), college level, at-risk, incarcerated, seniors, special needs/disabilities, social service groups
Schools, correctional facilities
Professional Development Workshops: Teacher/Staff Training
Math and Art: Tesselations, geometric solids, perspective, and patterning projects; Design Concepts for Bulletin Boards: How to create high-impact bulletin boards using readily available materials and recyclables; Art Activities for 12-Step Programs
Program/Residency Activity Descriptions: Schools/Communities
Watercolor Basics: Introduction to the skills of watercolor painting through progressive hands-on projects; Intermediate Watercolor: A sequence of more challenging projects in watercolor focusing on personal expression; Basic Drawing: Introduction to drawing skills and media; Color Theory: Introduction to color theory using collage, color drawing, and watercolor paint; Mural Painting: The class designs and executes an acrylic painted mural in their school; Introduction to Art: A hands-on survey of visual arts techniques related to biographical and historical information from art history; Perspective: Introduction to one- and two-point perspective drawing with and/or without rulers.