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Las Vegas, Nevada

Denise Duarte

Duarte, Denise

Native Nevadan Denise R. Duarte is an award-winning public artist, a socially-engaged artist, and a community development consultant. Denise received her Master of Fine Arts in Community Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art. She has facilitated numerous community art projects, completed several public art projects, and has received two Las Vegas Mayor’s Urban Design Awards for Public Art.

Duarte's professional goal is to provide a respectful environment that promotes dialogue centering on constructive social criticism and awareness to generate creative and intellectual growth. Social engagement as a basis of art creation is fundamental to her teaching philosophy and she hopes to nourish engagement with the world. Duarte provides an array of collaborative and individual art-making opportunities fused with civic engagement, social justice and community building. Her ultimate goal is for her students to create artwork that expresses concepts, emotions, social values or issues, in addition to having developed an appreciation for art. Her students will understand that art is a visual language that speaks to humanity’s commonality and this awareness will enable them to act as agents of change, personally and socially.

Las Vegas, NV
(702) 372-3755

Counties Served
Preferred Groups/Populations
Middle & high schools, young adult, adult, at risk youth, seniors, social services, LGBTQ
Schools, communities, community groups
Professional Development Workshops: Teacher/Staff Training
Professional Development workshops are designed to uncover and express collective concepts or issues impacting the workforce or community and include creative place-making for temporary or permanent public artwork such as ceramic murals, mosaic sculptures or dimensional fiber art.
Program/Residency Activity Descriptions: Schools/Communities
Discovering Identity - Quilt Blocks, Community Quilts, and Identity Boxes workshops focus on personal identity discovery and expression and are created with age-appropriate themes. Multi-generational workshops are available for identity awareness with emphases on building familiarity with identities other than one’s own, leading to acceptance. Social Engagement - workshops can focus on sexual and gender identity, race and ethnicity, or any specific community issue. They can include creative place-making with temporary or permanent public artworks such as ceramic murals, mosaic sculptures, or dimensional fiber art.