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Reno, Nevada

Cindie Geddes

Geddes, Cindie

Cindie Geddes has lived in Nevada since she was old enough to catch lizards. Through a long circuitous route, that same interest in desert wildlife took her to the University of Nevada, Reno, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources and minors in English and Biology. Since her career change in 1997, she has had more than 200 articles published in regional and national magazines such as Ladies Home Journal, The Lion, Nevada Business Journal, Nevada Woman, Comstock, and the Silver and Blue. Geddes has also published over a dozen fiction stories set in Nevada in various magazines and anthologies; Robert Block Psychos, 100 Wicked Little Witch Stories, Palace Corbie, Midnight Journeys, and After Hours. Some of her desert stories have been reprinted in Italy, Japan, and Great Britain.

Geddes received several grants from the Nevada Arts Council and an artist grant from Sierra Arts Foundation. She also is an artist on the Nevada Arts Council Artist in Residence program. Community Workshops: "My second passion is helping others to uncover their natural talents. I have spent countless hours teaching creativity, writing and self-esteem to kids and adults alike. I had taught in youth detention and drug rehab facilities; elementary, middle and high schools-both public and private; community education programs; writers' groups, community colleges; and just about anywhere else that offers me an invitation to teach classes and workshops. I address questions about poetry, novels, short stories, articles, free writing, copy writing, editing, writer's block, queries, proposals, research, handling rejection, resumes, characterization, plot, dialog, and use of sensory detail. I want to have the opportunity to share in community workshops in order to provide people with a safe environment in which to find their own voices. Through writing prompts, group exercises, and plenty of laughter, I hope to recreate that feeling we all have as children the first time we realize we have been understood. I want to help people find the writer lurking in all of us, and I want to be there when that writer learns to speak on the page."

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