Artist Profile

Las Vegas, Nevada

Carol Guidi

Guidi, Carol

Carol Guidi paints official portraits, corporate portraits, and executive portraits in oils for corporations and organizations.
She was a protégé of Frank Covino B.S., M.S., A.T.E.; he attended the prestigious Pratt Art Institute where he studied and received his degrees. He is a Master Painter, Executive Portraitist and Executive Director of Frank Covino Academy of Art, where she studied with him for eight years and earned the titles of Executive Portraitist, Master of the Masters, and Professional Master Copyist.
Guidi studied the methods, materials and techniques of the Old Masters along with their present day usages, and apples them to her official portraits, corporate portraits and executive portraits. She has also studied anatomy, perspective, composition and color theory, tonal values along with figurative, nude figure, chiaroscuro, landscape and art history in order to produce fine art.
All of these skills inspire her to produce and capture her patron in a superb museum quality official portrait and corporate portrait that exhibits the intellect, human spirit, character and personality which will be a legacy for generations to come. If you are looking for a corporate portrait, executive portrait and/or an official portrait to commission and you are interested in a classical portrait that will withstand the test and taste of the times, Carol Guidi is the portrait artist for you.
All commissions will be painted with professional paint and resin medium over a thick marble-inclusive gesso ground on Belgian linen canvas and protected with professional quality Damar varnish, consistent with museum conservator tradition. Carol Guidi believes in quality not quantity.