Artist Profile

Virginia City, Nevada

A Perry

Perry, A

A. Perry works in acrylics and mixed media on canvas, mannequins and other surfaces. She uses layers of imagery, color and verbiage to communicate on multiple levels. Her use of words and phrases are often laced with double meaning, sarcasm, humor and blunt statements, most often focused on female and individual empowerment. A’s pieces often address social issues and emotional or pointed reactions to life’s challenges, inviting conversation and debate between viewers based upon their own experiences.

A. Perry is the owner of Pura Vida Sierras Art, LLC. She was recently selected to participate in the 2015 Doors To Recovery charity project, which will be shown throughout the month of July at Liberty Fine Art Gallery and other locations within Reno, Nevada. The 2015 collection will be auctioned at the Nevada Museum of Art on September 19, 2015. A is also a member of the mural team currently creating the historical mural project on C Street in Virginia City, Nevada. Her painting collections are shown at Liberty Fine Art Gallery in Reno, Pura Vida Sierras Art website, local art shows and Canvas Café in Virginia City.