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Reno, Nevada

Angie Fraley

Fraley, Angie

Angie Fraley’s website Om2art blends her art, life experiences and passions with hope through observations that her yoga practice and life continue to provide. A mixed media artist and creative director, Fraley regards Om2art as a reminder that one can choose to create an extraordinary life from ordinary moments. Her current artwork began as a reminder to be quiet, to go inside herself, and to meditate. Her mixed media pieces feature girls with closed eyes, a metaphor for the abundance that lies within. She also presents shapes that are evocative of windows and doors: “If you look out of a dirty window, the whole world seems dirty. But……it’s a tainted view. Clean the window and you see things from a different perspective.”

Creating mixed media art is rewarding, but Fraley's true passion is to share art and its creation with others. She teaches visual art techniques to children using a range of mediums such as clay, watercolor, charcoal, collage, paper, canvas, and markers. An infusion of history and discussion of artists’ styles are used to inspire projects while nurturing each individual’s ideas and color preferences. She uses a variety of techniques to refocus the mind for an art-making process that is also therapeutic. Angie uses art to foster an ability to manage behavior, develop communication skills, reduce restlessness, and increase self-esteem, helping children improve their emotional well being.

Fraley's professional accomplishments include opening the first exclusive “paint your own pottery” studio in Reno, winning the Reno Small Business "Innovation" Award, participating in Artown, facilitating many "Empty Bowls” projects to benefit local food banks, publishing artwork in Somerset Gallery Magazine, and helping to create numerous public art pieces in the form of tile wall murals.

Reno, NV
(480) 717-1764

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Schools (grades pre-K-12), young adult, adult, at risk, seniors, special needs, hospital and health care groups
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Professional Development Workshops: Teacher/Staff Training
Teambuilding: improving relationships between team members through visual arts projects.
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OM2ART Enrichment Program: designed to let children find their own creative outlet while learning fundamental skills to enhance their vision. Through the use of a variety of mediums, children discover how to solve problems using color, texture, and technique. Celebrate Children’s Literature: students discover creative ways to express themselves using children’s literature as inspiration.