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Jessie Davis

Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Actor, Filmmaker, Writer

Jessie Davis' first love is creating. He is a songwriter and filmmaker (feature film and television.) He is an actor and speaker. Davis first started singing in high school, singing cover tunes.

James D. Dilworth

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Director, Filmmaker, Writer
Specialization: Teaching writer director filmmaker

James D. Dilworth has been involved in creative endeavors throughout his life and is an award-winning artist, writer, filmmaker, and performer.

Stephen Silberkraus

Location: Henderson, Nevada
Category: Actor, Filmmaker, Photographer
Specialization: Polaroid Photographer

Coco Chanel famously said that “fashion is made to become unfashionable.” The same is true for technology, which is made to become obsolete. Most of us rush forward to acquire new inventions, leaving a trail of forgotten iPhones, tape decks and film cameras in our wake.

Jeanmarie Simpson

Location: Glendale, Arizona
Category: Actor, Filmmaker, Teaching Artist
Specialization: Performing Arts

Jeanmarie Simpson is a performer, playwright, director and educator.

Victoria Vallis

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Designer, Filmmaker, Photographer
Specialization: digital media, photography, videography, acrylic painting, watercolors, sewing, storytelling, comedy

A full time University of Nevada student who has returned to update her skills, Victoria Vallis is always learning. Everything she explores and absorbs becomes her art.