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Carson Valley Community Theatre

Location: Minden, Nevada
Category: Designer, Director, Producer
Specialization: Theatrical Productions

Carson Valley Community Theatre (CVCT) was organized in May, 2004, to meet the need for a community theatre in the Carson Valley area of Douglas County, Nevada.

DB Donovan

Location: Henderson, Nevada
Category: Designer, Musician, Visual Artist
Specialization: Illustrator/Designer/Cartoonist

DB Donovan is one of the top illustrator/designers in Nevada with nearly 30 years' experience in creating advertising and branding for entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, city governments, hotels, casinos, the vacation and theatre industries.

Lisa Fields Clark

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Designer, Teaching Artist

Mosaic artist Lisa Fields Clark presents workshops designed to empower participants by focusing on art-making that supports individuals in their artistic choices; finding uncomplicated, age- and ability- appropriate paths to draw out creativity; and guiding them to certain success.

Sheri Fisher

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Designer, Teaching Artist, Visual Artist
Specialization: Handcrafted Lampwork Glass Beads

As a child growing in up in Southern California, Sheri Fisher had the happy luck to go to Disneyland fairly often. She was immediately entranced with the glass blower, and could watch for as long as she could convince everyone else to watch with her.

Marcia Friedman

Location: Henderson, Nevada
Category: Designer, Visual Artist, Writer
Specialization: Mixed media artist, screenplay writer, fashion designer

As a cutting-edge fashion designer featured in leading magazines and newspapers such as: Vogue, Bazaar, W, Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, New York Times Magazine, Miami Herald, and the LA Times to mention a few, segueing into photography was a natural progression for Marcia Friedman's cre

Mica Johnson

Location: Elko, Nevada
Category: Designer, Visual Artist
Specialization: Jeweler and silversmith

Mica Johnson has been making jewelry for the past nine years under the tutelage of Gail Rappa. She has been an amateur rock hound her entire life and found becoming a silversmith was a great way to use her love of minerals in a real world application.

Lynne Liebelt

Location: Spanish Springs, Nevada
Category: Designer, Photographer, Visual Artist
Specialization: variety

Lynne Liebelt was born in Reno, and lived in Sparks until her family moved to Southern California when she was still a young child. Her grandmother did lots of crochet and fabric creation, and mother was wildly into anything new and creative -- mostly crafts, rather than fine arts.

Barbara Merchant

Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Designer, Visual Artist
Specialization: Stained Glass Art

I have been creating stained glass, fused glass, and mosaic glass since 2006. It started because I wanted stained glass pieces in the large windows over our living room french doors and finding that custom stained glass was not in my budget. But taking a class and learning to do it myself was.

Victoria Vallis

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Designer, Filmmaker, Photographer
Specialization: digital media, photography, videography, acrylic painting, watercolors, sewing, storytelling, comedy

A full time University of Nevada student who has returned to update her skills, Victoria Vallis is always learning. Everything she explores and absorbs becomes her art.

Violeta Veltcheva

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Designer, Visual Artist
Specialization: Creating unique 3-D art pieces for houses and commercial buildings. Using natural materials and lights.

Violeta Veltcheva was born in a small, pretty town in Central Bulgaria and raised with all the love in the universe by her parents who were hardworking schoolteachers.

Mikayla Whitmore

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Actor, Designer, Photographer

Mikayla Whitmore received her BFA in photography from UNLV in 2010. She has exhibited and curated at multiple venues in Clark County including the Winchester Art Gallery, Contemporary Arts Center and the Marjorie Barrick Museum.