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Mary Bennett

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Actor, Director, Teaching Artist
Specialization: Improvisation, Teaching Theatre Artist, Arts Integration

Mary Bennett is currently the Producing Director of Brüka Theatre in Reno and divides her time between Producing/Acting/Directing and working as an actor and theatre Artist in Residence throughout the West Coast teaching improvisation, movement, theatre and mask and improvisation.

Glenda Bonin

Location: Tucson, Arizona
Category: Actor
Specialization: Theatre, Storytelling, Puppetry, Mask Making, Magic, Digital Storytelling, Combining Interdisciplinary Arts

Glenda Bonin skillfully combines story, magic and puppetry in tailor-made performances, assemblies and residencies. She is an energetic and creative performer/educator who enjoys working in both rural and urban settings throughout Nevada.

Patricia Carreras

Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Category: Actor
Specialization: Story Creation, Pantomime, Puppetry, Mask, Music, Improvisation

Patricia’s joy is in the magic of imagination and in the positive experiences we can build with each other. She helps to unleash a students’ potential through their imagination – where dreams can come true for everyone of any age!

Tami Castillo Shelton

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Actor, Dancer, Teaching Artist

Tami Castillo Shelton is a professional dancer, actress, choreographer, theatrical director, arts educator and arts administrator.

Jessie Davis

Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Actor, Filmmaker, Writer

Jessie Davis' first love is creating. He is a songwriter and filmmaker (feature film and television.) He is an actor and speaker. Davis first started singing in high school, singing cover tunes.

Marianne Donnelly

Location: Henderson , Nevada
Category: Actor, Storyteller, Teaching Artist
Specialization: History re-enactments.

Marianne Donnelly, multidisciplinary performing artist, provides quality family entertainment with strong educational content in a creative dramatic style. Shows and workshops are developed for schools, libraries, fairs, festivals, promotionals, bookstores, conventions and private functions.

Chelsea Hackett

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Actor, Director, Teaching Artist
Specialization: Theatre

Nevada native Chelsea Hackett seeks to bring her skills to her home state and to use her theatre facilitation and creative skills to celebrate the voices, ideas, and development of Nevada residents of all ages.

Mark Helton

Location: Dayton, Nevada
Category: Actor, Director, Singer
Specialization: Actor/Director Extraordinaire

Actor/Direct with over 20 years of experience and 35+ productions ranging from high school to professional.

Whitney Kay Killian

Location: Carson City, Nevada
Category: Actor, Director, Singer
Specialization: Actor, Singer, Director, Playwright, Shakespeare, Musical Theatre, Classic Theatre, Contemporary Theatre, Teaching, Coaching

Hailing from Texas with a BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Oklahoma, Whitney Kay Killian has over 15 years of training in theatre and voice. She has performed professionally and semi-professionally, and fronted a touring casino band for a year and a half.

Pan Pantoja

Location: Fernley, Nevada
Category: Actor
Specialization: Media Arts, Theatre, Visual Arts

The opportunity to introduce our youth to art is priceless to Pan, especially with the at-risk population. Artists in the charter schools and detention centers are vital to the well-being of the youth served. Pan has seen the positive effects that art can do for this population.

Stephen Silberkraus

Location: Henderson, Nevada
Category: Actor, Filmmaker, Photographer
Specialization: Polaroid Photographer

Coco Chanel famously said that “fashion is made to become unfashionable.” The same is true for technology, which is made to become obsolete. Most of us rush forward to acquire new inventions, leaving a trail of forgotten iPhones, tape decks and film cameras in our wake.

Fran Sillau

Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Category: Actor, Director, Teaching Artist
Specialization: Performing Arts

For past decade, Fran Sillau has served as a teacher, writer, director, actor, and producer. He has an extensive background in theatre for youth, working for both Lexington Children’s Theatre and the Omaha Theater Company.

Jeanmarie Simpson

Location: Glendale, Arizona
Category: Actor, Filmmaker, Teaching Artist
Specialization: Performing Arts

Jeanmarie Simpson is a performer, playwright, director and educator.

Ralph Stalter, Jr

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Actor, Producer, Writer
Specialization: Consultant in the Arts and Social Entrepreneurship

Ralph Stalter, Jr., is a “Cultural Provocateur” with more than 40 years of Nonprofit Leadership and Community Service. His strength is in collaborating with leaders of nonprofit arts and cultural organizations – whether they serve on the Board, executive management group, or the creative team – to establish trust and consensus building, collaborative work habits, use of innovation and creativity to solve problems, the capacity to imagine change and the willingness to work for it.
As a recommended consultant with the Nevada Arts Council, local arts agencies, municipal entities and other nonprofit organizations can apply for funding to engage Ralph to address specific issues and/or challenges, such as: Cultural Planning, Board Development, Program Development and Strategic Planning.

Curtis Walker

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Actor, Photographer, Writer
Specialization: Photojournalism and all things photographic. is my themed photography environment in Downtown South, near the Las Vegas Arts District.

Mikayla Whitmore

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Actor, Designer, Photographer

Mikayla Whitmore received her BFA in photography from UNLV in 2010. She has exhibited and curated at multiple venues in Clark County including the Winchester Art Gallery, Contemporary Arts Center and the Marjorie Barrick Museum.