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January 23, 2015 - 4:29pm PST

Advocacy Starts Today

Develop a short statement – consider it your “elevator speech.” Nevada’s investment in the arts is a good use of public dollars, and continuation of public funding for the arts is essential in Nevada. Address the value of NAC funding or service or program to your organization and community. Do youth or seniors benefit from your programs? Do you stimulate the local economy as a small business or entrepreneurial artist? Include these in your remarks.

  • Start a conversation with your State Senator and Assemblyman or Assemblywoman today. You can schedule meetings, talk to your legislators when they are home for the weekend or write a letter. Find out how to reach your State Senator and Assemblyman/woman at:
  • A one-page letter to your Senator and Assemblyman/woman can expand on your elevator speech. Gather similar letters from your board members, patrons and business supporters. For now, please send these by snail mail to their Carson City offices.
  • Please email a copy of these letters to the Nevada Alliance for Arts Education at 1894 E William St, Ste #4, Box #233, Carson City, NV 89701.
  • Always be polite and brief. Identify yourself and/or your organization. And always thank your elected officials for their commitment to serve Nevada, and its creative industry.
  • Plan to attend legislative committee hearings that discuss the NAC or other issues pertinent to the arts and arts education, or send someone from your organization on your behalf. Most hearings will be viewable on line and teleconferenced in Las Vegas.
  • While committee hearings are in session, it’s a great time to call your legislator’s office in Carson City to voice your support.

Advocacy works because of you! Be prepared for A4N Action Alerts throughout the spring. And keep up to date via